Commercial model, emcee and brother to the wonderful Joyce Pring, Victor Pring, sits in for Chewy on another episode of The Riot where they talk about dating!
Musician, cosplayer and Youtuber Chris Cantada is on The Riot to give tips on how to perform in front of an audience. Plus, the Migaloo, a rare albino whale, makes an appearance on the show!

First dates can feel intimidating because you’re presenting yourself to someone you like. Some feel pressured to impress their date and make a good impression. You want to make it special, memorable, and different. One thing to keep in mind though – going on a date should be fun. Prepare for your date, but on the day itself, just loosen up and enjoy each other’s company.Don’t sweat too much about the price tag. Instead, go for places and activities that offer a rich experience you can share together and that will let your personality shine through.


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Kirsten Belle H. Tai

Student, 18, Ateneo De Manila University – 1st Year College

Three months ago, I walked into JRP, helpless and unsure of myself. I didn’t know whose help to ask. I was a quiet person and I didn’t like mingling with people. I guess, the greatest obstacle I had to overcome was my inability to truly express myself. Two months of John Robert Powers classes, I have come to know myself in a different but good way. I discovered my potential on many things. I guess the greatest help John Robert Powers gave me was guiding me in knowing myself including my strengths and weaknesses. It’s more of loving and believing yourself rather than comparing yourself with others.

Andrea B. Enciso

Student, 17, Ateneo De Manila University – 1st Year College

When I first came to JRP, I wasn’t as confident as I am now. I learned how to present myself in a much more presentable and pleasing manner. I got to meet interesting people here at John Robert Powers, the facilitators, staff, and of course, my fellow JRP students. I’m grateful for the learnings I have gained. I know I will be able to use all these in the present and help me out in the long run.


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