Everyone loves a good roadtrip. Getting in the car and just driving off with good company, it’s bound to spell a good time for anyone. But just because you’re pegging this trip to be one that will let you break loose and have fun, doesn’t mean you can break away from etiquette and proper manners.

Gone are the days of chilly weather; the heat we’ve all grown to love is back! Just as a change in weather requires a change in wardrobe – no more sweaters, boots, cardigans – you should also alter the products you put on your skin. The sun’s UV rays are much stronger in the summer, so be sure you are well-protected to avoid premature aging or worse, skin cancer.

Check out the John Robert Powers experience of Ana Gonzales, Fashion and Travel blogger. In her feature article, she goes into detail about her two-hour Image Makeover class. Thank you, Ana!


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MC Chan

Product Manager

The learning environment of JRP is good. Because of the ELP, I was able to speak English with confidence and communicate with foreigners well.

Angelique Jimenez

Sanitary Engineer

The courses here at JRP helped me to improve myself by interacting with other people and believing more in myself. I would recommend JRP to other individuals because the programs will surely help them to be more confident.


Summer is the perfect time for you to have fun, meet amazing people, and get to know yourself better.

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