Regardless of your body type, it is easy to feel insecure when you are in your swimwear because some body parts that are easily concealed with clothes are exposed when you are out swimming or hanging out by the beach.

Check out the John Robert Powers experience of Megann Jabola, Fashion and Beauty blogger. In her feature article, she shares her experience sitting in on Visual Poise 1.

Summer is the perfect time to lounge about, binge on your favorite shows, and just relax and have fun. Remember though that summer is also a great time for you to take advantage of opportunities that you’ve been postponing because of your busy school year.


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MC Chan

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The learning environment of JRP is good. Because of the ELP, I was able to speak English with confidence and communicate with foreigners well.

Angelique Jimenez

Sanitary Engineer

The courses here at JRP helped me to improve myself by interacting with other people and believing more in myself. I would recommend JRP to other individuals because the programs will surely help them to be more confident.