Shoes, don’t we just love them? When chosen well, they are always a great complement to an outfit. Best of all, they don’t discriminate—it doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, fat or thin, fair or dark. They just make our feet pretty and our wardrobe rock! Thus, it would be so easy to become “imeldific” with our shoe collection! So reign in that inner shoe fiend and just make sure you have these shoe essentials

As we begin a new year, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is to start and keep a gratitude journal.

Credibility is defined as that ability or characteristic to inspire trust and belief in others. It is most important to creating and sustaining success in relationships and personal and professional endeavours. How can one build credibility?


Let us help you discover your identity to help you make your way up while working your charisma

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Strike with a golden vocabulary and level up your excellence in English

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Let us be your partners as you climb up the ladder with the tricks of the trade

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Discover more new programs for executives and young professionals, parents, and short courses for kids.

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MC Chan

Product Manager

The learning environment of JRP is good. Because of the ELP, I was able to speak English with confidence and communicate with foreigners well.

Angelique Jimenez

Sanitary Engineer

The courses here at JRP helped me to improve myself by interacting with other people and believing more in myself. I would recommend JRP to other individuals because the programs will surely help them to be more confident.


Enjoy extended hours during this holiday season! Give us a call!

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Calling all Miriam girls! We'll be on campus on December 17-19. See you there!

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We're on the lookout for a new Program Coordinator for our Makati branch!

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