Sleepovers, nights out and endless chats –friends are so much fun! Friends are always there to hear you out, to cheer you on and to lend a helping hand, but when those chats turn into fights, cheers turn into boos and smiles turn into tears or frowns, maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship.

It’s 3am. You find yourself lying on your bed. You ponder about life as you delve into the existential questions - often leading to this one question whose answer even philosophers have yet to agree on.

You have something you want to achieve—making it to a managerial position, getting the scholarship to your dream school, or having the green light to your new business venture. In a world with hundreds of thousands of people wanting that same opportunity, you have some competition. How do you stand out?


Let us help you discover your identity to help you make your way up while working your charisma

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Strike with a golden vocabulary and level up your excellence in English

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Let us be your partners as you climb up the ladder with the tricks of the trade

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Leren Mae M. Bautista

Ms. Tourism Queen of the Year International 2015

Lack of self-confidence, yes, you heard it right! It was the reason why I hated joining pageants at first. While everyone believed I can do it, I didn't. Until John Robert Powers made it possible and made it happen from speaking, walking, and interacting with other people. JRP helped me develop my overall personality.It all started with JRP! Thank you to my mentors and to John Robert Powers.

Kirsten Belle H. Tai, 18

Student, Ateneo De Manila University – 1st Year College

Three months ago, I walked into JRP, helpless and unsure of myself. I didn’t know whose help to ask. I was a quiet person and I didn’t like mingling with people. I guess, the greatest obstacle I had to overcome was my inability to truly express myself. Two months of John Robert Powers classes, I have come to know myself in a different but good way. I discovered my potential on many things. I guess the greatest help John Robert Powers gave me was guiding me in knowing myself including my strengths and weaknesses. It’s more of loving and believing yourself rather than comparing yourself with others.


The deal has been sealed, and the queens are ready to strut! John Robert Powers Manila is glad to announce that it will be the official training center of the winners of Binibining Pilipinas 2016!

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Congratulations to all our raffle winners

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Learn something new about yourself and bring out the shine that was always in you at our school tour.

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