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  • Through the ELP, I was able to learn to speak English spontaneously and confidently.  It helped me in my career growth.  I recommend JRP to others because it will help them in their personal growth and improve their English. - Ella Cleofe, 25, Banker

  • Through the ELP of John Robert Powers, I was able to gain confidence in using English.  I recommend the ELP to others because I know the program will help them grow. - Josephyn Serrano, 32, Medical Physicist

  • JRP is better than other institutions because of the step-by-step teaching method!  I was able to construct sentences and write better. - Rorie Acasio, 33, Soldier

  • The learning environment of JRP is good.  Because of the ELP, I was able to speak English with confidence and communicate with foreigners well. - MC Chan, 26, Product Manager

  • Because of the English Learning Program of JRP, I was able to assist clients with their needs and promote our products well.  In the ELP, I was able to learn how to speak English properly and converse well with my classmates.  The program helped me a lot when it came to talking to a lot of people.  I would recommend John Robert Powers to others because it is such a great institution for enhancing one’s skills and talents. - Lara Santiago, 24, Banker

  • The ELP helped me build confidence in expressing myself through good communication.  I was able to apply what I’ve learned without the fear of committing mistakes.  I know that the ELP of JRP will help me in my work as well as with my plan to migrate to Canada. - Glinda Macadangdang, 47, Internal Auditor

  • The ELP has helped me become more confident in talking in crowd.  I am now able to converse my thoughts. - Rodelyn Torres, 38

  • The English Learning Program of JRP helped me improve my grammar and pronunciation of words.  I have become more confident in dealing with clients.  I would recommend JRP to others because the classes are really fun and interesting, at the same time you learn a lot. - Joanna Hong, 24, Accounts Payable Analyst

  • The English Learning Program of JRP has helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation of words, everyday communication skills and public speaking skills.  It has also helped me gain confidence in delivering speeches, lectures and reports.  I enjoyed the communication skills activities in every session.  Improving communication skills is definitely not hard if it is done in JRP. - Jenibelle Dumayas, 46, Engineer

  • JRP brought out the best in me.  It helped build my confidence.  In class, I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them.  What I enjoyed most about ELP are the classes, the people I met and the activities the facilitator provided us with. - Dufflie Ganzon, 23, Audit Associate

  • The English Learning Program of JRP tremendously helped me with my English and confidence in speaking.  It also helped me prepare writings for my job. - Ethel Jaminal, 24, Audit Associate

  • I grew up in province but strove to get a degree and finish college while I worked in a construction and design firm in Manila. I took the board exams and passed. Sure it was fulfilling but it didn’t end there. I met my husband and helped him manage our real estate business. I was overwhelmed and realized I needed help. There is so much to learn and I have to learn it fast to be more effective. I am truly blessed to be able to join a John Robert Powers Program which was tailor-fitted specifically for my needs. I took the Executive Program without telling my husband but he started noticing the difference. I finally told him and showed him the program and he was very pleased with the outcome. He even told me to upgrade the Program that I was taking and am planning to enroll my kids soon.

    Thank you John Robert Powers for bringing out the best in me. I am truly grateful because you taught me how to become a better, confident and a happy person. I am truly glad because this knowledge is something that I can share with my children.

  • I have been hearing testimonials of people about JRP a long time ago, but I would always thought that JRP was only for people who were interested in modeling or acting profession. When I read an article of our VP Jejomar Binay giving suggestions to some of the politicians running for national elections to attend a personality development program, I took a second look at JRP. I contacted and scheduled a meeting with the coordinator, Ms. Len Guazon. She gave me both written and oral examinations to assess which program I would fit in. A few days after, I received a very comprehensive program detailing the whole curriculum. I went over the program and presented to our president for his approval. Since it was really an interesting proposal, our president didn’t have difficulty approving it.
    I started the program with an open mind and hope that JRP would really help me improve my personality. I went to a lot of skills enhancements such as communication, image enhancement, projections, power dressing, professional photography session, visualization exercises, building self confidence and even acting workshop. The experience was really fabulous. I took on the challenge and I passed the program with flying colors. I could have gotten the program much earlier had I known the impact of the learning in my professional and personal life. It’s a big realization for me that JRP is not only for people who want to have a modeling or acting career but for everybody who wants to improve his personality. I thought then that my position as Chief Financial Officer of Mapfre Insular Insurance Corporation was already enough for me to rise in the organization. I later on realized that when you are going up to the ladder your technical skills/IQ must be supported by your emotional quotient IQ. Everybody is being recognized not only a part of him but his wholeness!

  • I was a shy girl who was not conscious with the type of clothes that I wear or present myself in occasions. Also, with my work as a laboratory analyst, most of my day one will see me wearing a laboratory gown. So it was useless to make an effort to dress up and accessorize. I was shy and mostly kept to myself. Late 2009, my uncle and cousin convinced me to take up MBA in Asian Institute of Management. Class Participation is a big percentage of the grade in AIM, and I was scared that I may not finish the program due to my fear of speaking in front of an audience or a number of people. Therefore, I signed up for a Personality Development Program in John Robert Powers Alabang last January 2010 to help me with my fears. Later did I realize that I got more than what I expected.
    JRP help me define my focus and goals through its Believability classes. The Voice Communication and Speech classes allowed me to speak confidently. And the Etiquette, Body Posture and Image Makeover allowed me to learn more about my body, and how to present myself in public. During the course of the program, my relatives and friends noticed the changes in me, with the way I look and with how I presented myself. It made me happy and proud of myself with what I’ve become. It even convinced some of my cousins to enrol their kids into the JRP program in Alabang as well.
    JRP developed me and lessened my fears of speaking in public. Therefore I was able to enter Asian Institute of Management with less fear of speaking in public and meeting people of different nationalities and personalities. Even up to the present, I still carry what I’ve learned in JRP, and continuously develop myself to become a better person.

  • Since enrolling at John Robert Powers Alabang, I have noticed the improvements and people around me also have witnessed a dramatic transformation in me. John Robert Powers has made me feel more confident about my work and skills, and that I should embrace what I am inside. I have gained so much self-confidence and it has made a difference in my life both personal and professional also.

John Robert Powers, personality development, JRP Philippines John Robert Powers, personality development, JRP Philippines John Robert Powers, personality development, JRP Philippines