A Health and Safety Message from the Leadership of John Robert Powers

March 12, 2020 | 01:25 AM

John Robert Powers

At John Robert Powers, we consider our students and customers as family. As such, your health and well-being are our highest priorities. 

We are proud of the fact that John Robert Powers is a place where people discover their potential and make life-long friends. We are in the business of helping people thrive, which begins by providing a sanitary and healthy environment. 

We wanted to let you know the procedures and policies we have in place to accomplish this: 

  • Classrooms and facilities are cleaned and disinfected twice a day, following Department of Health (DOH) guidelines
  • Two days before any class, parents and students are contacted and reminded that if anyone is feeling sick for any reason, they should not proceed to class.  We are happy to reschedule or make other arrangements. 
  • Similarly, any parent or student who has recently traveled to areas with high rates of infection for COVID19 will be asked to stay home and consult medical professionals. A medical certificate of good health will be required prior to returning to class.
  • On the day of classes, our staff will take precautionary temperature readings of anyone entering our facilities.
  • DOH recommended hand sanitizers will be abundant and freely available in our reception areas and in our classrooms. 
  • Students will be encouraged to use the hand-washing facilities as often as possible and before the start of any class. 

As the current situation with COVID19 evolves, we will continue to monitor and incorporate all DOH guidelines and recommendations. Likewise, we will abide by all directives of the government and concerned agencies.

In the meantime, with the above measures in place, you can rely on us to provide the fun, transformative, and healthy John Robert Powers experience we have been so proud to deliver for 35 years.

With kindest regards and best wishes,

Richard C. Upton
John Robert Powers International

Christopher Reyes Upton
Vice President
John Robert Powers International

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