Catching up with JRP student and Miss Teen Planet 2018 Sofia Loreen Cruz

May 7, 2019 | 01:54 AM

John Robert Powers

Sofia’s beauty queen smile as Miss Teen Planet 2018
Photo credits to Joel Manaquis

It’s no secret that John Robert Powers produces fine graduates and alumni of all ages alike, whether they’re experienced professionals or up-and-coming young leaders of their own respective fields. Last year, JRP celebrated yet another success in the form of teen runway model and student-Sofia Loreen Cruz. The pageant Miss Teen Planet 2018, which was held in Sozopol, Bulgaria, crowned Sofia, who was just 13 years old at the time, as its winner after a fierce competition among all its contestants. Sofia is the second Filipino to have taken home the title after Ma. Jayzamel Vista won back in 2016. She was also awarded Best in Talent at the pageant.

Before joining the pageant, Sofia was a normal girl, dubbing herself as the shy type. She opted to take classes at John Robert Powers in order to get out of her comfort zone and bring out the best in her. It’s no wonder that the Miss Teen Planet judges took notice of the young model, thanks to her proposed advocacy at the Bulgaria international finals. Sofia herself came up with the “I AM NOT FOR SALE” project, which aspires to raise awareness against child abuse and trafficking. “Empowerment, for me, is when you believe in yourself and be able to inspire others as well,” Sofia says, hoping that her project will move more people to take action.

Sofia wearing her entry gown for “ModaFilipiniana” Fashion Show
Photo credits to : Angela Camaquin

At John Robert Powers, Sofia took two courses – the English Learning Program as well as Personal Development. The English Language Proficiency Program allowed her to communicate and express herself better, as well an ingrain solid foundation in English structure. On the other hand, the Personal Development classes were able to build better confidence and self-esteem, all while she honed her talents in public speaking, personal grooming, articulation, leadership, making social relationships and more.

If Sofia was given a chance to pass on an important lesson she took from JRP, it would always be to love herself and be her own person. “[I would] tell myself to always believe in myself [and] embrace my flaws because we all have our [own kinds] of uniqueness.”

Sofia confidently strutting a pose in her national costume for Miss Teen Planet 2018
Photo credits to: Jet Custodio

Thanks to JRP, Sofia gained lifelong learnings and practical skills that allowed her to seize better opportunities, and of course, eventually take home the Miss Teen Planet 2018 title. Her words of encouragement for those who lack self-confidence? “[You should] never compare yourself to other people and their success,” Sofia advises. “All of us have our own flaws and that makes us unique [in our own little way].”

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