How Miss Vietnam H’HenNiê rose above the rest

May 7, 2019 | 02:02 AM

John Robert Powers

H’HenNiê,reaching top 5 as one of the finalists in Miss Universe 2018
Photo credits to: H’HenNiê Twitter account

It’s no secret that the annually-held Miss Universe pageant brought about numerous fan favorites from all over the globe. In 2018, competition was even more fierce with its roster of stunning ladies vying for the same crown. Aside from our very own Catriona Gray, who took home the coveted title of Miss Universe itself, another empowering woman who stood out among the rest was Vietnam’s representative H’HenNiê. This feisty contestant made quite the impression with her uniquely- cropped hair and show-stealing looks. Her advocacy and overall performance at the competition also garnered her a large number of supporters around the world, including here in the Philippines.

H’Hen is largely known for her humble beginnings- having started off with her family at a coffee farm. She opted to continue studying despite her people’s tradition of starting their own families at a young age and eventually pursued the Business Finance Program at Ho Chi Minh City’s College of Foreign Economic Relations. She supported herself and her studies working as a domestic helper at the same time, doing

Ms. Vietnam taking the ‘10 Year Challenge’in her Twitter account to see how she transformed from her pre-pageant days

Photo credits to: H’HenNiê Twitter account

household chores, and assisting families. Ultimately, H’Hen was discovered as a model and even joined Vietnam’s Next Top Model before winning the title of Miss Vietnam 2017. She currently advocates for proper education opportunities- believing it to be the solution to those struggling in poverty.

Also, little does everyone know that H’Hen actually took classes at John Robert Powers’ Ho Chi Minh branch. Among her many supporters was JRP’s International Franchisee- Vo Thi Xuan Trang, who was in Bangkok at the time of the 2018 Miss Universe pageant to cheer on her mentee. H’Hen opted to go for the Personal Development program, wherein she trained as a Level 5 student.

H’HenNiê‘s gown merging the traditional costumes of her home country, Vietnam and neighboring island, Philippines. Designed by AodaiKinzu.
Photo credits to: H’HenNiê Twitter account

John Robert Powers’ Personal Development course focuses on building a student’s confidence and self-image- believing it to be a foundation of one’s success. Individual curricula varies depending on the person, but each program focuses on four pillars – personal transformation through self-confidence, effective communication, image projection and social skills to successfully navigate personal, academic or business environments. For adults and executives, different courses are offered to make one realize his or her full potential, such as public speaking, networking, business and social etiquette, leadership, negotiation skills and many more! You’re never too old to learn from the finest in the industry, just like H’HenNiê.

Presently, H’Hen continues her advocacy for education and assists non-profit organizations to provide scholarships to less fortunate scholars and build more schools and libraries in isolated areas. She also rallies for female empowerment, the elderly, and victims of HIV/AIDS. Earlier this year, she charmed the Philippines during her visit to Manila, where she donned a traditional Filipino Hispanic attire. H’Hen is definitely a fine example of someone who rose above expectations and used her passion for learning to fly to greater heights. You, too can be like H’HenNiê and develop yourself even further through John Robert Powers’ Personal Development program. Discover your true potential and sign up for a class today!

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