JRP alumni come together with The Red Mark Project

May 6, 2019 | 09:58 AM

John Robert Powers

JRP alumni bond with the elderly at Hospicio De San Jose

John Robert Powers is highly known for empowering people from all walks of life and changing them for the better. We’ve seen actors, models, public speakers, personalities and plenty more graduates from this institution and eventually creating their own kind of impact in the world, be it through business, the arts or other professional industries. Indeed, the JRP alumni community shares a strong bond of camaraderie and longs to make a true difference in society. Because JRP has changed them, they’re destined to make a change.

JRP alumni volunteers serenading the elders

And now it’s time to give back and use their gifts and talents to help out. Enter The Red Mark Project, the first ever get together and charity event organized by the JRP Alumni Community. Through this special project, the alumni have yet another avenue to hone their skills, values and competencies to leave the JRP mark in a community.

The Red Mark Project aims to create lasting partnerships with non-profit organizations in order to reach out to marginalized sectors, provide delicious meals, donate essential kits, and of course, give free personality development and English workshops that will greatly benefit their needs. One chosen institution for the second leg of The Red Mark Project is Hospicio de San Jose – a charitable institution that has continued to house over three hundred people of varied ages and needs. It is the first social welfare agency in the Philippines, and as a foster care institution, has been a home for orphans, the abandoned, persons with special needs and the elderly.

An intimate bonding segment where JRP alumni and staff are dancing with the elderly

Over 40 members of the JRP alumni joined the visit to Hospicio de San Jose, with graduates ranging from teenagers to young adults and executives. Not only did 2018 graduates participate in this event but also alumni from various other batches as well. Truly, it was a gathering of all kinds and ages of those who shared the unique JRP experience.

At the venue itself, the JRP graduates, staff members and facilitators came together and took time on a Sunday to bond with Hospicio de San Jose’s elderly and put a smile on all of their faces. Games and warm, heartfelt conversations were all conducted before concluding a day filled with joy and laughter.

All smiles as the Red Mark Projecthappily ended with a group shot

In the long run, JRP wishes to have The Red Mark Project partner with more institutions and launch other objectives, such as the JRP School Bus and the official alumni card. In the meantime, if you’ve graduated from JRP as well, it isn’t too late to make your own mark. Be a game changer and leave a red mark wherever you may go. Join this exciting JRP journey and sign up here to join the JRP Alumni Community! After signing up, you’re all set to receive the latest news about upcoming events such as future Red Mark initiatives, and also get exclusive perks from John Robert Powers.

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