JRP students Ranz and Niana are at the top of their game

May 7, 2019 | 02:25 AM

John Robert Powers

Siblings Ranz and Niana showing off their corporate chic clothes as learned in JRP’s Power Dressing Class
Photo Credits to: Ranz and Niana Fanpage

If you love watching YouTube vlogs and going on social media, then you’re bound to have encountered at least one video from siblings and online personalities, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero. This dynamic brother-sister duo has gained a huge following throughout the years (with over 7 million subscribers on each of their respective channels combined… thanks to their entertaining lip sync sketches, pranks, challenges, vlogs, and of course, their ever-famous dance videos).

After Ranz began posting dance covers of himself with his sister and growing his following on the internet, Niana soon followed suit and started her own YouTube channel. Together, they’re considered as the epitome of #SiblingGoals.

Ranz and Niana are known for their goofy and outspoken personalities both on and off camera
Photo Credits to: Ranz and Niana Fanpage

And because the siblings’ popularity grew massively within a short amount of time, both Ranz and Niana saw this as an opportunity to further improve themselves. They found themselves meeting more people; going to more prestigious events, and of course, working to create the best content for their online channels. Presenting one’s image to the public is always an important aspect of being a social media personality, whether it’s in the way you dress up or speak. Ranz and Niana thought it best to enroll themselves in of John Robert Powers to develop their skills in that area.

To better communicate with the people he gets to meet daily, Ranz took the English Learning Program and practiced his speech. JRP’s English Learning Program aims to develop confident English speakers who can navigate the world and freely express themselves with ease. The course currently has three series (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced) that students can take based on their own needs and proficiency level.

The siblings’ closeness to each other go way back to before they started doing YouTube videos
Photo Credits to: Ranz and Niana Fanpage

Ranz and Niana also take JRP’s Power Dressing classes since they had some upcoming events that they wanted to learn how to appropriately dress up for. JRP’s instructors gave various tips and tricks that were helpful to the siblings, such as the importance of always adding a hint of color to an all-black or all-white ensemble. Ranz and Niana documented their journey with John Robert Powers and applied their learnings here, which can be seen in their vlog titled “CLASSY & CHIC FOR A WEEK”. You can click on the link to check out their JRP experience and how they managed to dress for their events, from weddings to award ceremonies.

This summer, you too can dress chic and classy like Ranz and Niana by taking JRP’s different courses. Self-image is an important part of daily life. Meeting people every day and being able to properly control how you present yourself publicly is a huge aspect of how we advance ourselves in school, career, our respective passions and fields, and more. Whether you want to try out their Power Dressing course for dressing up on various occasions, or the English Learning Program to learn how to communicate with others effectively and freely, there’s surely something in John Robert Powers that’s best for you.

Ranz and Niana’s dressed in their element; confident and ready to take on the day.
Photo Credits to: Ranz and Niana Fanpage

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