The Critical Skills You Need for the New Normal

June 1, 2020 | 09:09 AM

John Robert Powers

John Robert Powers is offering a range of expert-led condensed online courses for personal and professional success that combine individual attention with the convenience and safety of at-home learning.

In a time where we don’t know what the future holds, investing in your skills is doubly smart and so important for success in the months to come.

We teach the fundamentals of bringing out your best self in our programs. At its core, our process combines an emphasis on both the holistic and the practical. It starts with a holistic appreciation for the individual and how to develop the unique strengths within. An equal focus on practical training gives our students the tools to implement their transformation on a daily basis. The result is a track record of success over the last 100 years, including over 10,000 students in the Philippines. These things, we make sure to convert to online learning.

Here are the expert-led online courses available for the following ages:

For Teens:

A condensed online program designed to be a fun and highly interactive JRP coaching environment. With so many teens at home, there is no better time to spend a few hours every week developing the skills that will help your teen pursue life, social and academic goals with greater confidence and savvy.

15 sessions, 1.5 hours per session (total of 22.5 hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Personal Transformation and Self-Awareness: Understanding who you are and how to develop your unique strengths
  • Image Development: how people see you and how to project the image of you at your best
  • Effective Communications: how to express yourself and connect with others
  • Social Graces: how to relate to others across a wide range of scenarios (school friends, peers, teachers, older relatives and adults in general)

For Young Adults, Adults, and Executives:

A short, comprehensive course aimed at anyone looking to make a powerful and positive impact in their chosen field.

15 sessions, 1.5 hours per session (total of 22.5 hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Importance of personal branding on future success
  • Mastering self-presentation and image management
  • Becoming an effective communicator
  • Navigating professional and social environments

A condensed course that focuses on the transformative power of knowing how to communicate.

15 sessions, 1.5 hours per session (total of 22.5 hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Clarity and conciseness of communications
  • Courage and confidence
  • Critical role of non-verbal elements
  • Listening and communicating

“The Confident Public Speaker” is designed to equip our students with the required skills. Learn techniques that make public speaking and presenting less intimidating, while mastering the verbal and non-verbal communication skills to become an empowered speaker, either virtually or face to face.

6 sessions, 2 hours per session (total of 12 hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the essential skills of communication—with special focus on how to adapt these to online platforms
  • How you develop and polish your verbal and non-verbal communication skills to become an effective speaker
  • How you apply these skills to different communication scenarios—meetings, class reports or presentations, virtual public speaking

A comprehensive and holistic course aimed at developing confident, dynamic, and poised English speakers who are at ease in a wide variety of business and corporate settings both in oral and written functions.

20 sessions, 1.5 hours per session (total of 30 hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Grammar and correct usage (oral and written) in business or corporate setting
  • Business writing skills including writing business letters, memos, e-mails, etc.
  • Art of Conversation, such as understanding and using must-know business phrases, situational conversations, and knowing how to run effective business meetings, etc.

A condensed course that focuses on the fundamentals of effective written English in a business context. The goal is to enable learners to write in clear and concise English and be confident and persuasive writers.

15 sessions, 1.5 hours per session (total of 22.5 hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Basic rules and mechanics of business writing, including grammar and correct usage
  • 21st-century
  • s business writing, including types of business correspondence
  • Style manual: how to imbue business writing with personality and persuasion while maintaining clarity and brevity

A specialized course that offers a comprehensive focus on correct grammar and usage, in both oral and written functions in corporate or business setting.

20 sessions, 1.5 hours per session (total of 30hours)

What you’ll learn:

  • Exploring the mechanics of English syntax, grammar, and usage in both oral and written communications
  • Explaining common written and oral mistakes
  • Becoming a confident speaker and reducing anxiety in common scenarios such as situational conversations, telephone exchanges, business meetings and presentations

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