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Visual Poise

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  • Relive the JRP experience with refresher courses at any time

  • A John Robert Powers International Certificate

  • An exclusive SKIN by JRP gift set

  • Access to other JRP international schools in Asia


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Meet Our Facilitators

Ms. Marisyll Pengson

A results-oriented professional with a 35-year track record as a teacher, educational administrator, and personality development expert for both local and international audiences. Ms. Marisyll is a creative and strategic thinker strongly committed to helping students achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives. She is also a book author and resource speaker for radio, television, and print media on topics related to Personality and Professional development.

Mr. Raymund Recto

As a stage actor and ramp, print, and TV commercial model himself, he enriches the students’ JRP experience by sharing his expertise in power dressing, believability, and visual poise. Outside classes, Mr. Raymund is also an events director and an active mentor in publicity and advertising work.

Ms. Ingrid Nieto

A public speaker and a radio host, Ms. Ingrid brings over 15 years of professional experience to help students gain stronger communication skills. She also conducts modules on etiquette, personality development, and grooming. In pursuit of greater personality study, she is currently in the process of acquiring her international image consultant certification. When she’s not teaching, she is a vlogger, voice talent, and an executive producer.

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