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Mara Andrea Pagunsan, 11

I feel like this kind of training is important and I should learn more about social skills, wardrobe, etc. I’m lucky to know and learn these things from JRP and that I should share these learning with others.

Francheska Arnaiz, 12

I am writing this testimonial to share with you the pleasure of joining John Robert Powers. I learned how to improve myself by dressing up properly and expressing myself to other people. When I got to JRP, I realized that my mom enrolled me here because she saw something from me that could be improved here in JRP.

Eimm Fadrigalana, 11

It was a great experience joining JRP. It helped me improve and become my better / best self. I made awesome friends! It introduced me to my lifelong best friend and helped me gain more on the way. If I become happy and maybe even famous in the future, I’ll never forget this program. It pushed me to have the strength to gain the incredible confidence I have today.

Celestial Love Decena, 12

I used to be so shy and I didn't believe in myself. I always thought that I can't be friends with other people, but when I finally finished JRP, I never knew that I could have so many friends, that I can believe in myself and also achieve my dreams.

Bianca Ysabel Salunga Roxas, 11

Experiencing JRP was more than I expected. It taught me a lot of new things. I really enjoyed my classes and made new friends. It made me a better person.

Lithara Ann S. Malabanan, 11

I learned so many new important here at JRP. I learned how to walk, sit, eat, and talk properly. I was taught the basic and major things in etiquette. Now, my family members are proud of me because they see me applying my learnings in everyday things.

James Lawrence T. Conel, 11

Before I enrolled in JRP, I was painfully shy. It was very difficult for me to talk to people that I didn’t know or could relate to. I also wasn’t aware of the mannerisms and gestures that didn’t help project a good image of myself. After I finished my program, I am not as shy as I was before and I am now fully aware of the things that I can do to improve myself as a person. I am much happier now than I used to be before I enrolled in JRP.

Hannah Ramirez, 11

I have been a very shy person when I enrolled at JRP. I learned how to properly speak, how to express myself, and I started opening up to those around me. I still struggle with talking to the crowd but I always remind myself of the things I learned here. Even though I am still shy I have improved a lot at other things like my wardrobe, posture, and social graces.

Ayra Alaiza P. Almazar, 16

The previous years, I don't exactly know what I'm capable of doing. I would always compare myself to others. John Robert Powers has positively contributed in a way that I've met new friends and discovered the path I am about to take in the future. Also, they have taught me to believe in myself and never doubt my strengths and learn from my mistakes.

Mikaela Faye Polo, 17

JRP made me realize and admit things about myself that I probably will never confide in anyone else because I was too insecure about it. I wasn't proud of myself because I see myself as a failure... I learned that the first step to being a better person is loving and accepting yourself as a worthy human being. There are things we can't completely change about ourselves but we can improve them as we go on with life and learn from mistakes and challenges.

Razeline Michelle Lee Chua, 17

I believe that John Robert Powers’ program is something that should be taught at an early age. It’s important that we know the proper etiquette in every situation so that we can be confident. This way, we can serve and have awareness of each others’ needs and our country’s needs as well. John Robert Powers has helped me in so many ways, from someone that has low self-esteem to someone who believes in herself and is already confident.

Chamuel Jophiel Dave C., 16

Before JRP, I don’t usually open up my ideas to others. I was brought up with the precaution to be careful of the words and actions I speak and do in public. The sessions in JRP made me realize that my knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of things around me can also contribute to the communities I belong to. In JRP, I learned to stand up for myself so that I can stand up for others.

John Mico Fernan L. Rivera, 20

My social skills used to be really behind of my age. I get terrified quickly whenever I talk or someone that I don’t know. That was the main reason why I did not hesitate to enroll here in JRP. I can say that JRP was one of the best decisions I did in my 20 years of existence. JRP helped me to believe in myself and for that I am really thankful.

Roel D. Mapoy, 37

JRP's Executive Development Program has so much to offer even to a professional like me. There are aspects of the program that helped me further examine myself where I need to improve, and what I must do to be a better person and executive. The instructors are experts in their respective fields and they create a constructive learning environment for young adults and professionals alike. I recommend their executive track program to anyone who is looking for advancement.

Jefferson B. Desamito, 36

I have learned the best and important part of my life from JRP which is confidence. My journey in JRP has always been helpful, the sessions were very attractive, practical, goal-oriented and emotional, too. I personally started benefitting and saw the improvement in myself from all of the sessions/ class I have attended.

Gil E. Datingaling, 25

John Robert Powers made me a better person by the way I present myself to others. It helped me improve my social skills. It gave me an unforgettable experience that I will cherish until the end of my life.

Romeo Balais, 25

JRP really helped me change my image and how I can be more confident with myself. Before I came to JRP, they see me as a kid who doesn't know how to be responsible to lead a team. Now, I can already talk to my team as a team leader and I can confidently face and express myself to anyone.

Melissa Tan, 26

In the beginning, I enrolled here to improve my personal appearance. After going through the entire program, I got so much more to prepare me perform my jobs and responsibilities in life. JRP was able to enhance / improve my confidence, my attitude and beliefs.

Engelyn La Madrid Roxas, 29

Before joining JRP, it was a struggle for me to express myself. I was hesitant and unsure of what I want to set for myself... After a year of personality development program, I developed my confidence, and changed my perspective. JRP made me realize what I am capable of and what more I can do. They helped me improve physically, emotionally, and mentally. JRP led me to a path of positivity and openness towards myself and others.

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