Being Classy and Chic for a Week

April 5, 2019 | 08:00 AM

John Robert Powers

Being Classy and Chic for a Week

With more than 7 million YouTube subscribers between them, siblings Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero are two Filipino content creators. Their vlogging started  as a hobby to share their passion to friends and family, people admired their content and requested for more.

Ranz and Niana are students of John Robert Powers. They want to know more about on how to dress up properly in their events, and awarding night. Also, they are taught to communicate better in english.

Their vlog is about “Being Classy and Chic For A Week” they dressed up appropriately with different events. Ranz and Niana won a Nickelodeon’s kids choice award and got awarded for having 1 Million followers in Tiktok. With the help of Power Dressing class in John Robert Powers, they looked amazing and presentable in their events.

It is important to know how to dress up properly. Not only for Ranz and Niana, but you should also know how to present yourself in different occasions. Aside from personality development, english learning program can also help in honing how to communicate effectively. Watch the video below to see their vlog. To know more about classes in John Robert Powers, inquire now and Get exclusive perks from John Robert Powers.

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